Rockets Fund

Rockets Foundation

The Rockets Foundation is a non-profit parent organized group set up to benefit the students and staff of St. Mary's Catholic School.

Our mission: to provide teachers & students with the tools they need to excel in education, technology, and athletics as well as enhance the modernization of our school.

We also strive to make our school a greener environment. Our school's window and building improvement project has been completed, & the Rockets Foundation has chosen to "adopt" the gym to help with all improvements needed.

The Rockets Foundation is completely separate from the school's budget. We fundraise to give our staff and students "extras."

We have been able to:

  • Provide the school with a 1:1 ratio of chrome book and iPad technology for our students
  • Most field trips are covered by the Rockets Foundation
  • The gym has been completely remodeled with paint, scoreboards, a mural and TV
  • We also donated $20,000 to help pay for the windows in the gym

For more items that we have been able to purchase, go to the YOUR Donations, BIG Impacts link!